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Nope. Like nope. I have school next week and I know some schools have already started but whatever. For those of you who are interested, I'm going into high school so there's an orientation and I don't want to go but I have to because they have stuff about the freshman retreat.

But the good thing is, I'm getting together with my friends this weekend. *sigh* School...

Seriously though. We start with school, go to college, go to grad school, and then we get a job for the rest of our life. It kinda sucks. So you'd better get a job you actually enjoy. I think I'll enjoy somewhat what's already picked out for me (Cuz my whole family is already in this profession) but I would, you know, like to have options.

POT: AHAHAHA NIOU AND MARUI ARE IN THE US TEAM NOW. (at least, that's what I understood.) And Ryoma and Sakuno are actually a canon pairing, like, it's happening.

KPOP: HOLY BAP JAPANESE COMEBACK SEPT 3!!! And Taemin's solo debut? Can't wait to see SHINee completely dead set on doing the embarrassing dad wave. :D OKay. Sulli should have waited until after Red Light's comeback to go on hiatus. Because seriously, f(x) just came back. Why a hiatus? I would understand if you had a comeback like every month, but...
And GOT7 is adorable. But really? iGot7? That's about the same level as EXO-L. Also, please look up EXOL. Without the hyphen. I think SM really need to rethink their fangroup name.
And Kris...I'm not even. I don't even know what's happening with him. I think they're going to court or something at the moment? He's not doing any EXO things right now, I think. I feel kinda sad, cuz the EXO members are all just really sad and annoyed at him for doing this right now, and I understand, but can't at least one of them be slightly more understanding? I know Kris should have maybe looked up what he was getting into, and he wasn't thinking it through when he got in SM, but come on. He needs support right now. I'm not sure how bad SM was back when he entered, but it's pretty clear to most people that it's one of the most controversial entertainment industry.
"And we'll work hard in...ummmm...2004." --Kris
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Sarah Meadows
United States
My real name is not Sarah Meadows. My initials are NK, and if you know me, you should know who I am. And my life would suck without anime/manga. Manga/ anime that I've read/watched- Prince of Tennis, Death Note, La Corda D'oro, Soul Eater, Claymore, Library Wars, D.N. Angel, Fruits Basket, Kamichama Karin, Ouran High School Host Club, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Black Butler, Highschool of the Dead,

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